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Dienstag, 25 März 2014 10:13

SteamCalculator v2

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This time the article in on English, cause our international fans maybe want to read this article to.

We proudly announce the new version of our!

So whats new?

At first we changed the name to to avoid any possibility of confusion and make our project more like a “My”TechZone Project.

New Features:

o   Select a game and you can use the new toolbox to show the game in a popup.

o   Share the link to your profile with the sharebox.

o   A new toplist with several pages!

o   Search your account in the toplist to look up which place you take in the international list

o   Design changes

o   New Facebook page

o   New Twitter page

o   New Steam group

o   Changes in the Android App


o   No more double entries cause of addons. This dropped the prices of the accounts.

o   Fixed lags while selecting games in big accounts.

o   Fixed input errors

o   Fixed Backend Problems like double entries in database

Planned Features:

o   Game list which shows the most played and most bought games

o   Stats which can show your statistics of each game

o   Item/Inventory search system

o   (Experimental) the inventory will be counted to the account price

o   Informations to the Calculator

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